Climate Gods Angry

In response to Out of the Mouths of Reporters:

After blaming “climate change” (caused, apparently, by my electric Margarita machine) for volcanos, earthquakes, and tsunamis, why the hell not asteroids? I eagerly await some intrepid journo-scientist investigating how climate change impacts solar activity.

As for global warming’s impact on media stupidity, that science is settled. Don’t ask them to actually discuss the methodology, it’s far too complicatedy. But they saw a survey and a letter signed by scientists! Which scientists? That’s not important right now. What’s important is that we throw few virgins into the volcano to appease Klaima-Changa, angry summoner of Sky Doom. Act fast, because we only have 5 years before it’s too late! (just like 10 years ago.)

John is right – this is far more reminiscent of a bizarre pagan doomsday cult than “science.” And, unsurprisingly, the cult’s high priests remain immune from the sacrifice rituals.

As someone who has actually produced a serious layperson’s explanation of “hockey stick” climate modeling (this blog post is used as course material in a graduate unit on climate modeling in UCLA’s Department of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences), I believe Americans deserve a basic understanding of those models – and the serious critiques thereof.  The math is not all that complicated, and accessible to anyone with a PC and a decent undergraduate education. 

But then I look at CNN anchors and despair.

Take me, Klaima-Changa! 


[update: as a scientific palate cleanser, please enjoy Del Worsham’s 4000 horsepower blown nitro Hemi margarita mixer. Praise Gaia!]