Completely Devoid of Black Power

In response to The Black Community’s Dichotomy on Gun Violence:

Black outreach is impossible because we refuse to see the black community for what it is.  We always claim Liberals live in a fantasy world but never look through our own rose colored glasses. 

The black community is submerged in our enemy.  Whether it is rational or irrational, it’s where we stand at this place, at this time and must set our battle tactics appropriately. 

This is not excusing bad behavior.  It’s taking a hard glimpse on the other side of the bubble.  Black people are numb to death and destruction.  And yes, the poverty they live in is brought about by the Socialism they vote for but it is the current state of our community.

We don’t just morn the old.  We mourn those in the womb, kids hit by stray bullets, teens who only made one mistake or made no mistakes at all, mothers who work two jobs to be robbed and killed for the little she had, sons that just wanted to play basketball at the neighborhood court, sisters who overdose on drugs, fathers who leave for work in the middle of the night,  and we mourn and we mourn and we mourn.

But our communities aren’t steeped in logic.  It’s borne from Liberalism.  Above racism and envy, the very core of Liberalism is power for the few and no power for the many.  When you have people brought up to be weak and powerless, they will always cheer for a powerful figure.

Killing an unarmed woman and her husband is as cowardly as it gets but commanding the attention of the entire California and National criminal system while still evading capture is powerful in the eye of the powerless.

This has nothing to do with race.  If a white man where out hunting cops, he would have a following as well.  This is a sign the Liberals are closer and closer to victory.  Remember the Jews were mad enough to choose Barabbas over Jesus.