Gun Control May Be “In Vogue” But It’s Not Popular

In response to Gabby Giffords Launches Gun Control Ad Ahead of SOTU:

Two trusted pollsters are showing Obama’s gun control  efforts are not winning the hearts and minds of most  Americans on this issue. If Republicans are asleep at the wheel on gun control, the American people will surely wake them up. 

 Rasmussen reports that Just 32% Believe Stricter Gun Control Laws Will Reduce Violence,

57% Think Enforcing Current Gun Laws More Important Than Creating New Laws.

Only 44% Give Obama Positive Marks on Gun Control.

Gallup has 42% of Americans approving, 54% disapproving Obama on gun policy. His policies on taxes, the economy, the Middle East, and the deficit are even more unpopular.

Amazing we just reelected this guy.


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