The flip side of Obama's sequestration theatrics

There’s an amazing new Pew Research poll that says 70 percent of the American people, across the political spectrum, think deficit reduction is the top national priority… and 73 percent of them want it done mostly or entirely through spending cuts.  Only 19 percent take the Obama position that the deficit should be reduced mostly or entirely through tax increases.  (Then you’d have to factor in the people who agree with Obama’s other, default position, which is that the deficit doesn’t really matter.)

Granted that some of this support for deficit reduction through spending cuts may not be entirely sincere, but there’s still an opening here for Republicans.  They should start listing the crazy government spending they would cut, instead of letting Obama pretend the first dollar has to come from the hides of firefighters.  Make him defend the “Obamaphones,” food stamp cards used to purchase luxury foods, robot squirrels, etc.  And yes, don’t be shy about criticizing Food Stamp Nation.  The American people are absolutely disgusted with welfare fraud and ludicrous giveaway programs.  They’ll get sick to their stomachs if Obama tries dismissing or defending it.

One other little judo move to consider: Obama’s drama-queen routine would have us believe that cutting 3 percent from the federal budget would cripple or terminate virtually every vital service, from airport security to first responders.  OK, let’s turn that around: if all that stuff is only costing us 3 percent, let’s cut the living hell out of the other 97 percent.  Make him swallow his own demagoguery until he chokes on it.