It's Friday Night and I Miss Being Excited About New Movies

Blame my middle age, but my taste in films hasn’t changed. I’ve been collecting movies for thirty years now (3300 and counting), and there’s nothing in my collection I’ve “outgrown.” It wasn’t me who changed; movies did.

There was a time in my life I had to see every new movie, and my disgust for noisy theatres didn’t change that. Once I stopped going to movies, every Friday night after work, for years, it was a Domino’s pizza and a fistful of new releases.

But somewhere along the line I stopped caring because watching new releases went from pleasure to pain. Over time, it started to feel like a duty, a chore, something that had to be checked off a to-do list.

Today, I hardly see anything. Other than Denzel Washington, there are no movie stars and the films themselves are too long, dumb, political, dirty instead of naughty, and filled with bland actors, bad CGI, and soul-killing themes.

Oh, I’ll still Redbox one or two a month. But it used to be twenty. On top of that, I would buy a couple a week. There are exceptions. But 9 of 10 are an utter waste of time. It’s just a fact that it wasn’t always like that.

As someone who enjoys life’s simple pleasures, you can’t imagine how much I miss the anticipation of those Friday nights. There’s nothing better than something to look forward to, especially when it comes in the form of ritual.

Damn you, Hollywood.