Jedediah Bila's Top Five Smartest Decisions

In response to Top Five Smartest Decisions of My Life (Thanks, John!):

The wonderful Jedediah Bila saw our Conversation posts and sent along her own list!

So, I saw Lisa’s Top Five Smartest Decisions of My Life and, well, couldn’t resist.

5. Seeing Rome, Paris, and Bruges with sixteen-year-old eyes. Because without those sights, my twenties wouldn’t have been quite so interesting.

4. Spending Summer ’99 in Spain. I fell in love with paella. I went on a motorcycle ride that rocked my world. I discovered letter-writing. And I realized how much I loved the two best friends I’d left behind.

3. Learning to read in Spanish. Because Puértolas, Alberti, and Neruda really are that delicious.

2. Taking a workshop at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Who knew that playing someone else would help you find yourself?

1. Going on a date at the age of 18 that changed my life. Because although I left the man a few years later, I’ll never forget the way I loved him.