Jeb Bush Won't Run for President in 2016

In response to Jeb does the ‘Full Ginsburg 1’:

Look. Let Jeb Bush make the book-selling rounds. While his is still very popular here in Florida, Rubio owns the state. Many of the die hard Jeb Bush supporters have now become Rubio groupies. Rubio’s popularity trumps Bush’s, especially down in Miami where Cuban-Americans, and other Latinos, swoon over everything Rubio says and does. You should see him in a crowd of ‘abuelos’-he can do ‘no’ wrong in their eyes.

Bush’s change of position on immigration is problamatic for him among the mainstream Republicans, who had come to terms and accepted his pro-Amnesty position. Now some are unfairly comparing him to Charlie Crist. No one can be as big of a flip-flopper as the ‘tanned-one.’

I expect Bush to come very close to announcing, but then pull back and let Rubio run with the ball.