Uh-Oh – Report: DSCC pulling back from Ashley Judd


The DSCC was previously “all in” for Ms. Judd, but that was before a poll ofthe Kentucky Senate race by one of their leading pollsters came out.

Now, reportedly, they’re backing away slowly.

Via the Hill:

According to the Louisville Eccentric Observer,after receiving the results of the poll, which The Hill has learned wasconducted for the committee by Fred Yang, who formerly worked for Gov.Steve Beshear (D), the DSCC is “reevaluating” their initial “all-in”support for Judd, as it showed Kentucky Secretary of State AllisonLundergan Grimes (D) might be a stronger contender against SenateMinority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)

 Judd’s potential challenge to McConnell has picked up steam in recentweeks, as she’s met with donors in Kentucky, the DSCC and, reportsindicate, Democratic leaders in Washington.

But Democrats inKentucky remain skeptical of her candidacy, concerned that she couldcost them a winnable race due to her liberal political leanings andconnections to Obama, which could be toxic in a state that voted for GOPpresidential nominee Mitt Romney by more than 60 percent in 2012.

Perhaps also problematic would be her penchant for saying outrageous things and comparing everything she doesn’t like to rape.


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