The GOP's Race Dilemma

In response to If blacks don’t reward GOP for civil rights, why would Latinos reward GOP for amnesty?:

Unfortunately, Joel is right. Hispanics have historically been conservative to their core. But over the years, the liberal pop culture mindset has managed to sway many Hispanics away from their inherent conservative beliefs. Hispanics, like many in the Black community, have discovered the pot of gold at the end of the Democratic Party rainbow. While Democrats have effectively labeled Republicans as racists to Hispanics, the irony is that many, many Hispanics, like in the black community, are racists themselves-Racists against their very own Hispanics and blacks. 

Hispanics, usually those who are from the ‘old country, refer to Black people as “Negros.” Or when referring to a black man, they simply say,” el Negro” or “ese Negro.” 

So the real challenge that Republicans face is, will they be able to lift the racism stigma that hangs over their heads?