In response to The Thought Leaders of Tomorrow:

Among the two Strange Hens clucking over sexual harassment is one woman wearing a “Weapon of Mass Seduction” t-shirt and another one whose t-shirt reads, cryptically, “M.U.F.F.”

BTW, for anyone who can’t get through it, try skipping to 3:45 when it gets cooking.  The argument is between a woman with a “Lesbian Avenger” t-shirt (these people really seem to groove on novelty sexual politics t-shirts), who only likes women and probably doesn’t like dudes, and a “trans-woman,” which some people might call a “dude,” who’s arguing she’s a woman.  This does not go over well with the pro-woman feminist lesbian.

And before anyone says I’m bigoted against the transgendered, hey, I’m just quoting the lesbian on this point.

An incredible twist comes when a gay guy says he’s a lesbian at 6:20 or so. That’s where it kicks up to an Inception type level. 

And by the way, if you did get all the way through the video, like I did, don’t call yourself a Hero just yet.

 There’s a whole Part 2.

Two key quotes: “She’s delusional” and “You’re a f*&%ing lunatic.” Another key quote: “No one wants to date you.”

The greatest exercise in Platonic logic comes at 5:50.  Let me quote the gay guy/lesbian (I don’t know) verbatim.  He gets very angry when, as he claims, the lesbian attempts to define his body.  He objects thus:

“I’m not talking about my body! I never mentioned my body! I actually asked you to try to define my body and you seemed unable to give an answer!”

Wait, what?

I don’t know.  I think the general point is that we must stop encouraging the Dumb to be “political.”

No but really the main problem here is that we have three Major Players who each claim to be the Most Marginalized.  Whoever is the Most Marginalized is permitted, according to the rules of Leftism, to say whatever he or she likes without challenge and have his or her assertion simply accepted without any backtalk. 

And the problem is that Lesbian Avenger, Shirtless Transgendered, and Gay Guy/Lesbian all claim the status of Most Marginalized simultaneously and ergo argue that each one’s Unquestionable Truth must trump all others.   Which leads to a lot of frustration and confusion among all the players, as literally none of them can fathom why their “I Win” trump card isn’t being honored.

And I’m reminded of Marx’s words on the purpose of critique:  “Its essential pathos is indignation, its essential work is denunciation…”  Awful lot of indignation and denunciation here.  It’s kind of fun to see it directed at cultural Marxists for once.

They could have just ended the whole thing in ten seconds by each saying, “I know My Truth.”


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