Beyonce and the Rise of TRUE Feminism

Beyonce and the Rise of TRUE Feminism

While Conservatives are fighting over whether or not social issues should be included in our platform, Hip Hop is having a social battle in front of our eyes.  The war; Beyonce as the “Independent Woman” and Beyonce as “Mrs. Carter”.

It was undeniable to liberal feminist that Independent Beyonce belonged amongst their ranks.  A strong, fierce, fearless, and unstoppable force wearing high heels and a mini skirt. 

But Mrs. Carter poses a problem.  Mrs. Carter is a perfect example of TRUE feminism.  Not women running around asking others to pay for their birth control and abortions.  Or women dressing up like vaginas to prove they shouldn’t be judged by their vaginas.

Beyonce doesn’t need Jay-Z; she wants him.  She realizes with him, and the family they have created, she is a stronger woman.  She is willing to put her career on hold, temporarily, to become a mother and leave a legacy outside of music.

Beyonce, like a certain female politician I know, is proving you can have it all but at the core, the most important thing is family.  And that’s a beautiful form of Feminism.

P.S. Beyonce is currently obtaining her GED and is planning to have another baby soon.  Get ’em B.


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