Obama: But 'Everybody' Agreed With Me?!?

One of the most offensive parts of President Barack Obama’s tantrum at the White House after losing the gun control fight today was also one of the most comical. 

Venting his righteous anger at his opponents, Obama repeatedly scolded them for abandoning what “everybody” had agreed the country would do after Tucson, Newtown, etc. 

 In Obama’s fevered, self-aggrandizing imagination, “everybody” agreed that the country needed to change according to his designs. 

Never mind the Republican House, or the 47% of voters who went the other way in 2012, or the minority who clings (proudly, not bitterly) to rights intended to prevent would-be “everybodies” from abusing them. 

Obama doesn’t just dislike dissent; he pretends it doesn’t exist. Either he was setting Congress up (again) as an electoral foil, or doing a very poor impression of Louis XIV. 

All that “everybody” agrees to is what is written and amended in the Constitution. If “everybody” truly agreed with Obama, we could simply amend the Constitution again. 

But “everybody” is a slightly larger universe than Obama and his entourage. 

The president was a cartoon villain on Wednesday. The left, à la MSNBC, is making a good show of swooning over his “emotion.” 

But they know how silly it is, how unconvincing “no-drama Obama” sounded. 

 “Everybody” knows it.


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