Amanda Knox Innocent?

In response to CNN’s Home Page: Limo Fire, Jodi Arias, Amanda Knox:

Based on my limited knowledge of the Amanda Knox case, I had assumed that she was guilty. From what I had read, (h/t Ann Coulter!) there was a   “mountain of evidence” against her, and I hate to admit it but the fact the US media seems to  support her side of the story,  influenced my opinion that she must be guilty. That’s how much I trust the MSM. 

I don’t know about you, but I really hate these kinds of stories..

Ever since the Susan Smith horror, which seriously bothered me – traumatized me almost – I tend not to follow these. 

Like most people, I actually believed Smith’s ridiculous story about being car-jacked by two black men while her two toddlers were  strapped into their car seats in the back seat.

I had two toddlers of my own when the news of her car being dragged out of the lake with the two toddlers still strapped in, hit the airwaves. The thought that a mother could do that to her own babies….Ugh.

I’ll never be surprised by what a sweet-looking women is capable of, ever again.

Ace, I know you’ve been reading up on the case – let’s hear what you got.