Feminists Ignore Former Model's Story Because of Her Christian Faith

Feminists Ignore Former Model's Story Because of Her Christian Faith

For decades the feminists’ mantra has been “Choice, Choice, CHOICE!”  Whether its on abortion, working outside the home, or putting off marriage and motherhood.  Of course, the more they talk, the more we find out they only care about making the choice that goes along with their leftist philosophy. 

Another aspect of feminists’ philosophy is that even in 2013 there is oppression from the patriarch around every corner.  They tell us that the sexy models on the magazine stands, in commercials, TV and movies are hurting young women’s self-esteem and body image.  Then why are they ignoring a former Victoria’s Secret model’s recent story about giving up the modeling business because it made her feel like a “sex worker” and “like a piece of meat”?  Because the model also says she gave up her career because of her faith.

From a recent interview in the Daily Mail with former model Kylie Bisutti:

She has written a book called I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model, about the struggles she faced as a religious supermodel and recently she said that posing half-naked made her feel ‘like a piece of meat.’ While her public revelations have angered Victoria’s Secret, who claim she has ‘repeatedly fabricated her work experience’ with the brand and ‘a relationship that simply did not exist’, she says she isn’t trying to single the company out. 

For the record, the above photo is from the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS. I highly doubt such a coveted spot would be given to someone with no relationship with the company.  The interview continues:

‘[It’s] really not about Victoria’s Secret, it’s about the modeling industry as a whole and about helping girls with self body issues, eating disorders and really exposing the entire industry for what it is.

‘It’s not targeting their brand . . . I believe the modeling industry as a whole really exploits young girls.’

She said that model agents made her feel intense pressure to be ‘incredibly thin’ and she turned to ‘crazy’ and ‘unhealthy’ crash diets in a bid to drop weight.

Like Bisutti, it’s not in my interest to bash Victoria’s Secret specifically.  I’m even a customer.  However, the National Organization for Women (NOW) has been bashing them for years.  In May 2002 they complained about “incessant Victoria’s Secret ads” on TV.  In October 2002, then-President Kim Gandy said, “Violence is still far too prevalent on TV and sexual exploitation has reached a new low on programs like ABC’s The Bachelor, NBC’s Fear Factor and the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS. TV bigwigs are using the incredible power of the medium to get rich by serving up an adolescent boy’s fantasy world. Women and girls deserve better.”

Then in 2008, they complained about Victoria’s Secret ad during the Super Bowl saying it’s “Offensive because of the one-dimensional presentation of a female as an object for sex with a man.”

But when a former model speaks out about the industry, NOW and other feminists groups are silent.  Instead the NOW frontpage applauds the recent decision to make Plan B available over the counter, a call for a woman chair of the FCC, and lauds a plan to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (Really?  We should start calling them THEN. Another sidenote: I’ve been writing about NOW for almost 14 years and their website design hasn’t changed a bit.)

You will not see feminists or any liberal organization (but I repeat myself) standing up for Kylie Bisutti because she credits her strong faith with giving her the courage to leave the lucrative modeling industry.  She now volunteers for her church and is planning to launch a “‘modest’ Christian fashion line for woman of ‘all shapes and sizes.'”

Once again feminists have shown us that they really don’t care about supporting women or their individual choices, even when they seemingly agree on the principle, like in this case, the modeling industry.  Their leftist, anti-Christian ideology will always mean more than furthering the success and happiness of women.