Hard times for the Church of Global Warming

In response to Hillary Clinton Does ‘Hard Hitting’ Climate Change Interview With Hollywood Actor :

You know the global-warming fanatics have hit a low point when they’re reduced to asking Benghazi Rodham Clinton and an antique actor to shovel their silly propaganda.  

One more time, for the benefit of anyone who remains honestly bamboozled by this nonsense: THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE.  None of the doomsday predictions, from blatant frauds like Michael Mann’s “hockey stick graph” to relatively serious efforts at climate modeling, have held up.  There’s hard data now, and the hard data is disastrous for these fanatics and their anti-growth ideology.  Climate scientists are currently spending their days fretting about a bit of global cooling, caused entirely by natural forces, and wondering if a tiny bit of heating from human activity might have been beneficial because it staved off the new Ice Age.

“We’re in a race against time,” Mrs Clinton?  You know who really was in a race against time, back on September 11, 2012?

The existence of small Pacific Islands is at stake?  Is she talking about the danger of Guam capsizing because too many people have gathered on one side of it, a menace first brought to our attention by her illustrious Democrat colleague Rep. Hank Johnson?


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