Police Find Man Having Sex Outside His Murdered Wife's House

Police Find Man Having Sex Outside His Murdered Wife's House

BOTHELL, Wash. — A Washington man is accused of, but not charged with, having sex outside the house his estranged wife was murdered in less than six months ago.

Allan Smith remains a “person of interest” in the February murder of Susann Smith, who according to medical examiners, died from head injuries.

Allan Smith moved back into the house after the murder.  Recently police were called to the home after neighbors reported hearing a woman screaming.  Little did they know that the screaming was a testament to Smith’s sexual prowess because when police arrived, they found him having sex with a woman in the yard.

And that woman’s name was Love Thai, and she had the following account:

“The story is we were there in the corner making sweet love,” she said. “I said, ‘Hey, you came into our private yard. The cop let us know that a neighbor reported that they saw sexual activity and I looked through and I said, ‘Ok we’re really sorry.'”

She went on to suggest that anybody who saw them making sweet love would have had to have gone the extra mile to see them.

“If you’re going to look into someone’s private property and get upset about it, take ownership of that,” she said. “But for you to call police is not OK.”

What is also “not OK” with Love Thai, is the neighborhood suspicion that surrounds her gentleman lover. 

“I think they just want to see him for what they want to see him, which is out of fear that he murdered his wife. And he didn’t, I’m sorry,” she said.

She then made clear what really breaks her heart:

“What really breaks my heart is that his neighbors haven’t come and just cooked him a home-cooked meal,” Thai said. “Help him, he’s hurting. He’s lost his wife. He’s lost his children – -he hasn’t seen his children in four months.”

She makes a compelling point as it would seem like the decent thing to do for a neighbor who’s a “person of interest” in his wife’s murder, accused of making sweet love in the yard, and reportedly an avid nude sunbather. Shame on the neighbors. Shame. 

Love Thai is pictured above. 

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