Paula Deen Is Done: Food Network Will Not Renew Her Contract

In response to Paula Deen’s Career May Be Over:

After admitting that she had used the N-word and once wanted to plan a plantation style wedding for her brother, poor Paula Deen’s goose is indeed cooked.

In a statement this afternoon, the Food Network said it would not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of this month.

The decision came soon after Deen released a video of herself eating some humble pie.

In all seriousness, one can’t help feeling bad for her. 

A former employee at her Savannah, GA restaurant  is suing  Deen and her brother, the latter of whom is accused of “sexist, racist and violent behavior.”

She accused Deen of using the N word as recently as in 2007, while discussing an idea for a “plantation”-style wedding.

Deen denied using the word then, but conceded that she has used it in the past: Once to refer to a man who held her at gunpoint, and to recount conversations between African-Americans who used the word.

Ms. Deen’s  representatives chalked the controversy up to growing up in the South 60 years ago.