During Mayoral Campaign, Letter Warned of 'Filthy Filner'

A letter was circulated to the media during the San Diego Mayoral campaign in 2012 with details about then-candidate “filthy Filner.” Allegations of sexual harassment made against San Diego Mayor Filner were brought to the public’s attention last week.

Councilman Carol DeMaio, Filner’s opponent in the race, shared the letter with the press “which attempted in vain to determine whether there was truth to the claims before Filner was elected mayor.”

A press conference yesterday revealed detailed allegations of the Mayor’s sexual harassment including forcing kisses on women, grabbing the ass of at least one woman, putting his “hand down the inside of her bra” and  shoving “[his] tongue down her throat.” 

The letter stated that “A champion of women he is not.” It went on to describe :

“More than one of us transferred out of his ‘territory’ to avoid his ‘advances,’ ”  the letter said. ‘Any claim he makes to holding the ‘high moral ground’ is simply ridiculous, if not self-delusional.”

The letter writers added, “Because we choose to remain anonymous, this letter may just be tossed into the round file. We’ll take that risk because even though our purpose is to ‘expose’ him, we know not to trust him, his methods, or his tendency towards revenge.”

According to the letter, “Many women in D.C. refer to (Filner) as ‘Bobo,’ ‘Mr. Misogynist,’ ‘Nasty Narcissist,’ or simply ‘Filthy Filner.’ “

The letter also expresses the women’s frustrations: “With the same disbelief, we have waited for at least one of your local women to ‘come out of the closet’ as to the true character of Mr. Filner. Perhaps she/they have the same fear of Filner as we do,” they wrote.

God forbid, if you were a single woman he found the least bit attractive. He was relentless and disgusting, and sometimes unforgiving.

Numerous politicos in San Diego have called for Filner to step down, many his former political allies.


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