Becky Gerritson: Calling Scandals Phony 'Like The Captain Of The Titanic Calling The Iceberg Phony'

After Obama and two of his flacks (Pfeiffer and Carney) pushed the “phony scandal” narrative this week, there was a massive media stampede to interview some of the victims of the Regime’s scandals, because they knew they’d get some choice quotes from those folks for their articles.

By “massive media stampede” I mean Fox News and Newsmax:

Becky Gerritson of Alabama’s Wetumpka Tea Party and Patricia Smith, whose son, Sean Smith, was killed in the Benghazi attacked appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” Thursday to discuss their feelings.

“I think it’s like the captain of the Titanic calling the iceberg phony,” Gerritson said. The only phony thing she said she sees is the narrative the White House is trying to push off on the American people.


“I think a toddler can connect the dots and know that this is not a Republican made-up scandal,” she added. “I’m normally a very nice, calm person, but it makes my blood boil,” she said of hearing Obama’s words. “I was very irate.”

Smith, whose son was one of four people killed in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound is Benghazi, said she doesn’t believe Obama anymore.

“He’s wrong. My son is dead. How could that be phony?” she said.