Safety precautions for interviewing Democrats

In response to SD City Attorney: Females in the Media Need Escort to Interview ‘Filthy Filner’:

Just to be on the safe side, female reporters should consider wearing hazmat suits when entering a room with “Filthy” Filner.  And it would be best to have a male colleague open any emails from sources that might be one of Anthony Weiner’s addresses.  However, use of a male colleague to arrange interviews with Eliot Spitzer is not recommended, as he might decide your male co-worker is a pimp, demand a discount for the time he plans to spend with you, and have you both arrested for prostitution if he doesn’t get it.

I see Weiner and Filner are trying the “tough it out and the scandal will go away” strategy, banking on the short attention spans of a media establishment that really doesn’t want to craft enduring “narratives” unfriendly to any Democrat.  It’s worked for Obama so far – the malarkey shoveled to get him through those two or three crucial news cycles after the Benghazi attack paid off.  It might work for Weiner too, although things are looking dicey at the moment.  But I rather doubt Filner can bluff his way through this.