No WH Press Briefing Following Benghazi Bombshell

Yesterday, Ace parodied how Jay Carney would answer reporters’ questions about the new Benghazi revelations on Twitter and his tweets were memorialized on Twitchy.

I was actually looking forward to hearing how Carney would handle this latest hit to his and his boss’s credibility.  As you know, Carney’s Benghazi talking points have evolved since day-one from bold faced lies to admissions of half truths only after the facts had surfaced either through congressional inquiry or investigative journalism. Here’s my post from May that cataloged how his story evolved over time.

Alas, Carney decided to take a long weekend. There was no press briefing today.

Hey it’s summer, tweeted CBS News’ Mark Knoller:

Last week, White House reporter Keith Koffler wondered if the Obama White House was considering abolishing the daily White House briefing.

An article by a former White House press aide demanding an end to the televised daily briefing begs the question of whether the White House is floating a trial balloon that could lead to the briefing’s cancellation.
Reid Cherlin, a former Obama press aide who is now a freelance journalist, has just published a piece in The New Republic titled “End the White House Press Briefing,” arguing that the session has become a pointless exercise that fails to generate news.

While it can’t be proven that anyone in the White House influenced the piece, Cherlin While it can’t be proven that anyone in the White House influenced the piece, Cherlin spent years in the bunker with other aides to President Obama and presumably remains in touch with them – or at the very least knows their disposition on the briefing.
The briefing is a daily source of frustration for the White House, which is forced to endure at least some difficult questions each day and dodge them in a way that belies its claim to “openness.”

It’s a also daily source of frustration for those hoping to get honest answers to inconvenient questions.