Poll: Women Overwhelmingly Support 20 Week Abortion Limit

Guy Benson points out the interesting results of a new Quinnipiac poll. Americans in general and women in particular overwhelmingly support a 20 week restriction on legal abortion.

As you can see below, respondents were asked to choose between a 24 week legal limit and one at 20 weeks. Overall, the 20 week limit was preferred 55-30. However the real surprise, for those on the left, is that women were significantly more likely to choose a 20 week limit then men. They favored it 60-25 while men chose it 50-35. The 20 week limit was less popular with self-identified liberals but it still got support from a sizable 39 percent, 39-54.

This level of support from women is not what you might expect if you’ve seen the media treatment of Sen. Wendy Davis, who was hailed a hero for filibustering a bill to enact a 20 week limit in Texas. The bill was eventually passed despite Davis efforts but she is still appearing on magazine covers with her now iconic sneakers. When will the media catch on that most Americans and most women do not support her views on abortion?