I'm Just About Done With the Filner Story

So, the Liberal Corporate Media pretends this is a Local Crime Story, despite the fact the great majority of Filner’s victimizations did not occur during his mayoralty, but during his ten terms — 2o years! — as United States Congressman, yes, US Congressman, in Congress, that Congress, the one in Washington DC, as cofounder of the California Progressive Caucus with cofounder Nancy Pelosi.

The state Democrat Party turned a blind eye to his serial gropings.  It is all but impossible to believe the national party did not cover up for him as well.

 For no reason other than principle-free power hunger.  All the while running on their vapid #WarOnWomen platform.

And while I was expecting to have to argue that it was, obviously, a National Story with members of the Liberal Corporate Media, I did not expect to have to argue this point with conservatives, who are also taking the position, through their complete apathy, that it’s a Local Crime Story so why are you bothering?

Present company excepted, of course.

Well I’m done pushing the boulder uphill. It’s one thing to have the weight of liberals pushing back; it’s another thing to have the bulk of the online conservative media also deciding this is just a Local Crime Story.

Fine.  You win.  It’s just a Local Crime Story.  One of those multistate crime spree Local Crime Stories.  One of those Local Crime Stories involving a then-sitting US Congressman, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.  One of those Local Crime Stories that the party officials and high-ranking elected officials in Washington, DC could not possibly have not known about, but yet chose to remain silent.

You know, that sort of Local Crime Story.

I’m moving on.


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