The Obama Administration Turns Its Back On Our Allies

In response to Obama Favors Mexican Illegals Seeking Asylum Over Military Heroes:

This Regime has a long, unfortunate history of “bowing and kowtowing to our enemies”, as Sarah Palin once put it, while snubbing our allies – whether whole nations like Israel, or individuals like Shakil Khan Afridi,
the Pakistani doctor
who helped us with the Bin Laden raid, or  “Hafez”, the heroic Afghan translator Javier referred to, who has been helping American soldiers fight the Taliban.

Fox News reports that Hafez, who fought alongside Metal of Honor recipient, Sgt. Dakota Meyer, has been waiting for three years to obtain a special visa that would allow him to live in the United States.

 Meyer says the Taliban has a target on Hafez’s back, and that his life is in serious danger. The situation is made worse, Meyer says, by the fact that Hafez has been waiting for so long to get into the United States.

In a recent email to Meyer, Hafez wrote: “The reason I am bothering you the security situation where I am living geeing [sic] worse, and every night I am guarding to protect me self and my family. If you are getting upset it is OK, I will not bother you anymore.”

In an interview with Fox News, Meyer said he won’t rest until Hafez makes his way to the United States. “Hafez was with me the entire time. He is such a great man,” he said.
Meyer said Hafez’s actions were just as heroic as his own.

When Meyer got to the scene of the Taliban ambush in the Ganjgal Valley, Hafez had already been shot and was making his way out.  

Bing West, a former assistant secretary of Defense and author of “Into the Fire,” a book that documents the deadly battle, said because of his involvement in that battle, the Taliban knows Hafez’s true identity.

“Hafez killed many Taliban and he was yelling at them over the radio,” West said in an interview with Fox News. “So the Taliban know who he is and for four years he has been left out in the battlefield — gradually they are going to get him.”

Video here.

If only Hafez knew which “key words” to use, he could be granted asylum in the United States just like the hundreds of immigrants who are currently “overwhelming” Border Patrol Agents on the Southern border.