Congressman's Family Reunites Twins By Adopting Them

Your feel-good story of the day from The Blaze:

The Republican congressman, Markwayne Mullin, adopted the pair of twins, Ivy and Lynette, who were reportedly born into a “bad situation” and had been living apart since they were 3-months-old, after repeated pleas from his wife.

Initially he had told her that his busy schedule might prevent them from being an effective father.

“Basically I just stopped her, and I said ‘Babe we just don’t have time. I mean, think about it, all the new responsibilities you have, and how much I’m not around any more, and you’re wanting to take on two extra girls. We’re not talking about one, we’re talking about twin baby girls’,” the Republican told KRMG in an interview.

But Christie Mullin reportedly told her husband to pray for wisdom.

“What do you do? Do you pray to the Lord that your wife’s heart becomes as selfish as mine? God puts things in your life…and you have an obligation. Instead, I prayed that God would change mine, and I just can’t express enough — God changed my heart.”

 A great story and a beautiful family!