I'm Bullying Homophobe Alec Baldwin's 'Favorite!'

Actor Alec Baldwin unblocked me on Twitter long enough to hurl this before scurrying back behind his blocked account:

The aging actor is apparently upset over the fact, that unlike the corrupt mainstream media, I won’t let go of the fact that he called for violence against and hurled homophobic slurs at a gay reporter. It is especially important to not forget this behavior now that Baldwin has joined MSNBC — a network that regularly thumps its chest about being gay-friendly.

MSNBC must think that Baldwin’s  ratings will be worth the loss of moral high ground.

In other news….  MSNBC must not have looked at the ratings for “30 Rock.”  

Of course, if Baldwin ever unblocks me, the first thing I’ll do is ask him to sign my Glengarry Glen Ross DVD.


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