Gallup: Democrats Losing Advantage Over GOP in Three Key Areas

Today Gallup highlighted the results of three ongoing polls which showed that Democrats have lost their advantage over the GOP in three key areas.

First and most importantly the question of who can maintain American prosperity. Democrats held a big advantage on this measure in 2012 while Republicans in 2010-2011. Currently, having lost 9 points on this question, Democrats are at 42 percent while Republicans are holding steady at 43 percent.

Second, on the issue of security, Democrats had tied the GOP in 2012 but now trail. Gallup notes that the GOP traditionally does better on this issue and that the tie last year may have been the result of the timing of the poll which coincided with the Democratic convention. Nevertheless, the GOP now holds a 6 point lead on this issue.

The third question is which party is better able to address the “most important issue” whatever the respondent thinks that may be. Democrats held a significant advantage on this question last year but their numbers have plummeted 10 points since the election, from 49 to 39 percent. That said, they still hold a slight advantage over the GOP which is at 34 percent.

Gallup concludes by saying that the Democrats loss has not been the GOP’s gain. Instead, more people have moved into a mushy middle positions saying there is no difference between the parties. Nevertheless, the Democrats have lost their 2012 advantages on key issues heading into next year’s midterms. This has to be of concern to the DNC.

















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