Dictated from the American heart

Here’s how the value proposition works in America.

Why do I want to be successful and wealthy? Because when I achieve through a microphone, television or activism it’s about a combination of all and what I can do with it. If I’m successful  I will not just advocate for, but work to move the ball forward so that others may benefit and may grow to be where I am or achieve more. I will not achieve the levels that so many have but that doesn’t stop me from aspiring to achieve the maximum level that I can.

What I hear of someone who has achieved a goal personal or professional; maybe a bonus at work, finished working on their muscle car, or child just hit a home run I don’t envy them, I applaud them.

Envy is a danger to our society and the left as taking it to new heights. The current cultural climate allows them to victimize those that are less fortunate that do not understand the value proposition in ownership of your life at whatever level, economically or otherwise. Be proud in every achievement. Recognize that it’s all part of a bigger picture and do not let envy to keep you from growing. One of the true rewards of success properly earned, is understanding “limitless” and no one can count the value of this.

If individual rights are protected in the Constitution of the United States -our legal DNA- and defined in the Declaration of Independence -our cultural DNA- then why should individual achievement be limited. Relight the fire of American exceptionalism and equal opportunity and that value proposition which is inherently why we are the greatest nation and culture on the planet. That is the true win for all.