Grandma Dies But Lives On In Google Street View Image

Grandma Dies But Lives On In Google Street View Image

PORTLAND, Ore. – A Beaverton man recently discovered one of the last pictures taken of his grandmother. Dustin Moore found the keepsake while searching Google Maps street views for his grandma’s house in Northeast Portland.  The street view image captured her sitting on the porch reading the newspaper. 

“What surprised me was that Google captured one of the last few pictures of my grandma because she passed away less than a year after the picture was taken. I made the joke with my brother. I was like, ‘Well, grandma’s gone, but she still somehow lives on in Google and is watching over us,'” Moore said.

Moore posted his story on the social media site Reddit and it quickly became popular.  

“All of a sudden there was a bunch of comments like, ‘Oh, I recognize that. Your grandma’s awesome,'” Moore said. “I didn’t really expect people to respond in that way – in the same way that I did.”

Grandma Alice was “everybody’s grandma,” he said. 

Google generally updates the site with new photos every six or seven years. Until then Grandma Alice lives on. 


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