Service Academy Games Are Back On

In response to Service Academy Football Games Cancelled For The ‘Optics’:

Yesterday, Naval Academy Athletic Director Chet Gladchuk said in an interview that he was told that reason the cost-free Navy/Air Force game had to be cancelled was for the optics. “It’s a perception thing”, he said.

Perhaps the “perception thing” wasn’t looking too favorable for the Obama administration, because the the DoD quickly changed course. 

Via Fox News.

Navy and Air Force received the go-ahead to play because the game is not funded by the government. A sellout crowd is expected.
Army will play its game, too. Boston College said on its website that Saturday’s game against the service academy will proceed.
“I’m thrilled our students and those from the service academies will get to play their games this weekend,” athletic director Brad Bates said. “Thank you, fans, for your patience and understanding the past couple of days.”