The media is crashing as hard as ObamaCare

In response to is Taking Pre-Orders by Phone:

You’ve put your finger on a particular sore spot of mine: the immense amount of time Americans are being made to waste on this ObamaCrash garbage.  We must be into millions of man-hours lost to the bug-riddled website and quagmire phone lines by now.  Most of that phone time is a complete waste, because when the online crapware finally starts working, I’ll bet most of those people placing “pre-orders” are going back to Square One.  

How about the hours lost talking to insurance company reps who have to follow up on the garbled and useless data forwarded from the main ObamaCare system to their offices?  And it looks like there’s a better-than-even chance the entire system will get flushed, maybe even rebuilt from scratch, which will wipe out most of the work people have put into it so far.

Would anyone like to put a dollar figure on the value of this lost time?  And most of it is a true loss of time, because many of these people had insurance plans they were happy with, but they lost them suddenly over the past few weeks, after foolishly believing Obama’s false promises.  I have yet to see any compelling evidence that a large number of people who didn’t have insurance last year are getting much out of the ObamaCare system.

Where’s the media on all this?  They’ve run some stories about the insurance cancellations, but as you noticed, they’re very slow to call Obama’s bluff on nonsense like his breezy infomercial referral to the operators who weren’t really standing by to assist anyone.  And they’re not confronting Obama himself with any of this at all.  They’re letting him keep his Empty Chair act going by focusing on contractors and so forth, leaving it up to the audience to connect any of it to President Bystander.

Let’s hear some real questions from the “real journalists.”  Here, kids, I’ll get you started with a couple:

“Mr. President, what would you say to the millions of Americans who are losing their insurance under the Affordable Care Act, despite your explicit and repeated promises to the contrary?”

“Mr. President, your defenders claim that you were unaware of the disastrous test results of the online system.  How could you possibly be so disconnected from progress on your ‘signature achievement?’  Is it really true that you never asked anyone how the project was going in the months before launch?”

“Mr. President, why did you refer Americans to a telephone system that you knew would be unable to help them?”

“Mr. President, why haven’t you ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to release the true enrollment and sales figures for the Affordable Care Act to the American people?”

“Mr. President, would you please explain, from memory, exactly how the individual mandate works, including the precise deadlines for enrollment in the Affordable Care Act, and the exact consequences for failing to do so?”

“Mr. President, would you please use this tablet computer to walk us through the process of applying for the Affordable Care Act and purchasing a policy, in real time, with the cameras running?”