NBC's Glitch Issues Also Affecting The Comment Section In Bombshell ObamaCare Story

In response to Season of the Glitch:

So what happened, by all appearances is, NBC deleted the story at some point late last night,  made a key edit, and put it back up at a different web address, thereby breaking all the links (mostly from the conservative blogosphere) that had linked to it.

But that’s not all. 

Kyle Becker of The Independent Journal Review has been paying close attention to the comment section, and reports that comments are being purged, as well.

When NBC News changed the url for the first story, it killed more than 3,000 mostly adversarial comments. It appears that NBC has purged the comments again; after Drudge changed the link back, there were another 3,000 comments. At the time of this update, there are 1,156 comments.

But what else would one expect from a major news organization operating in the “Democratic People’s Republic of Glitchistan.”


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