Polls Show Chris Christie Cruising to an Easy Win in New Jersey

A new Quinnipiac poll on the Governor’s race in New Jersey shows Chris Christie walking away from his Democratic challenger with just days to go before the election.

Christie leads 64-31 among likely voters which may be the least surprising result. Currently, with just a few days to go before the election, Christie is favored by 31 percent of Democrats.

There will be no gender gap in this election. Both men (64-30) and women (64-31) favor Christie by a 2-1 margin.

Perhaps the most striking stat is that Christie is currently the choice of 29 percent of black voters. For comparison purposes, John McCain received 4 percent of the black vote nationally in 2008. Bush got 11 percent in 2004.

We have just about a year left until the race for 2016 begins in earnest. There are already signs that Christie intends to run.