Liberals Desire To Destroy And Transform – Beyond The Stepford Wives

As I mentioned on Fox News Channel’s Hannity Monday night, I watched the 1975 film version of The Stepford Wives last weekend and between my channel surfing over to the news networks , who inundated their coverage with A & E’s Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s now famous remarks to a GQ interviewer, or my checking out a Twitter lynch mob’s swarm on a non-celebrity target, I began to see the film’s message come to life. 

Based on the 1972 Ira Levin book of the same name, The Stepford Wives, starring Katharine Ross and Paula Prentiss, was an American thriller/horror/sci-fi film that was intended to scare the bejeezus out of  liberal women, particularly those in or just around college age. In the film a young couple,  Joanna and Walter, move to the fictional town of Stepford, Connecticut where all the women are wearing nearly identical long dresses and their conversations with other women only revolve around cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children.

 Along with another woman, Bobbie–who also moved to Stepford recently, Joanna is befuddled by the Stepford women’s subservience and lack of independent thought. Ultimately (spoiler alert!) what Joanna eventually discovers after her only two friends go from 1970’s free-wheeling, NOW organizing, hot pants wearing women to stereotypical subordinate house mothers, is that Stepford’s secretive and powerful “Men’s Association” is murdering the actual wives of Stepford’s husbands when the couples are settled in after a few months. Shockingly, the women are being replaced by obedient robotic duplicates of themselves.

The movie became a cult classic and was re-made in 2004 as a campy dark comedy. However, the story’s accusatory liberal tone towards conservatism’s praise of the nuclear family is ironic, considering the reaction towards those who stray from from liberal ideology are targeted to be destroyed through mass public shaming. In order to be allowed back into polite society, those who “offended” are later forced to be rebuilt, so to speak, through liberal re-education until these individuals speak and act the way liberals wants them to. 

Gay advocacy group GLAAD released a statement five days ago to Yahoo News, as the the liberal pile on to Robertson happened:

After the meeting, GLAAD issued its statement on Robertson’s comments. A&E initially released a statement from Robertson in which he said he would “never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me.” But the network declined to comment itself until Wednesday night, when it announced the suspension, which GLAAD applauded.

“We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,” the spokesman said.

The organization is also currently researching companies who use Robertson as a spokesperson.

“Silence is agreement in this case,” he said. “With such egregious anti-gay and racist comments, those companies that choose to be affiliated with this family need to speak out.”

It is not just wealthy Christian celebrities who must be taught a lesson. Everyday Twitter users with small followings can get ensnared. Former public relations executive Justine Sacco learned this the hard way. After tweeting out a controversial remark about AIDS and black people in Africa that may have been different in tone than what was initially construed by the online masses, Sacco boarded a 12 hour internet-less flight to Africa. Unbeknownst to Sacco her life was destroyed by complete strangers on the web during her time in the air. 

By the time she landed, she had no job and her relationship with her father had likely just been deep-sixed. Was it really worth it, by the way, to tweet out Sacco’s tweet as the “worst tweet of all time” to your massive Buzzfeed twitter following,  Andrew? What public office did she hold? What was she known for before you decided to send the pitchforks after her?

Sacco apologized Sunday night. In a statement to CNN, she said she was sorry “for being insensitive to this crisis — which does not discriminate by race, gender or sexual orientation, but which terrifies us all uniformly — and to the millions of people living with the virus, I am ashamed.” Sacco is a native of South Africa and said she was upset she had hurt many people who lived there. “I am very sorry for the pain I caused,” she wrote. 

Sacco’s former employer IAC  also released a statement to CNN saying that Sacco was no longer with the company. “The offensive comment does not reflect the views and values of IAC. We take this issue very seriously, and we have parted ways with the employee in question,” an IAC spokesman said in a statement.

President Barack Obama said in 2008 on the campaign trail,  “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”Liberal attempts to destroy and rebuild individuals in their own image are sometimes successful. Politicians concerned about their re-election prospects as well as schools and towns restricting displays or actions that liberals claim could overtly support Christianity or simply offend a minority group are just some examples this.

On the other hand, some attempts to destroy and re-educate fail. Liberals realized long ago some individuals and entities could not be destroyed and would always be a threat–some even after their passing like Ronald Reagan. Many in talk radio and TV have become teflon after many years of attacks from leftists as well. It appears Phil Robertson may very well be joining their ranks.