Bad Mom – Good Dad


Watch the video and compare these two tales of parenting today. Then all I ask you to do is think and share.

Bad Mom

(Video) Mother of ‘thug’ toddler speaks out, says kids curse, every kid does it


Start with she’s a 16 year old mom who is a child raising a child and controlling the environment and access to that child.

There’s a history of child protective services at the home which supports their action in taking the child 

  • June visit to a neglect issue begins the monitoring. 
  • 4 months later someone shot up the home grazing the child’s foot which brings up concern for the safety of the child.
  • December 16th police raid the new home looking for a shooting suspect taking 15 people in the raid. The mother is arrested for guns in the home.

Children should not be raising children.

Good Dad

Photo of dad doing daughter’s hair goes viral

I love this story and how different from the Thug Toddler, Mom and friends. This is a dad and a family that is a part of the American dream. Doyin Richards is taking a leave of absence to care for his 6 and 2 year old daughters.

 Hope I’m that dad someday.