Mexican Couple Arrested at Border with Stolen Target Credit Cards

A couple from Mexico was caught trying to enter the United States with 96 cloned credit cars from the Target data breach. Mary Carmen Garcia and Daniel Guardiola Dominguez were stopped as they attempted to cross into the US according to the McAllen, Texas police department. 

The McAllen Police Chief said the suspects had “racked up tens of thousands of dollars in bills last weekend at Toys ‘R’ Us, Walmart, Best Buy and other retailers.”  He believes the stolen card numebrs are being sold regionally, as the purchases were made using numbers from people who live in south Texas. “Someone in Mexico is obviously mining that data [obtained in the Target security breach] and producing the cards,” the police chief said.

The couple was on their way back into Texas to try for another shopping spree when they were caught.

The hacker responsible for the credit card theft was tracked to St. Petersburg, Russia according to cyber-security company IntelCrawler.  He is believed to be a 17 year old hacker.  Another cyber-security expert, Brian Krebs, claims the hacker is from the Ukraine. 


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