Man Says He Swallowed Fishing Line While Eating Fish at Local Restaurant

Man Says He Swallowed Fishing Line While Eating Fish at Local Restaurant

TOLEDO, Ohio – Tuesday night, while enjoying crayfish at the Ocean Garden Buffet Restaurant, Carl Sanderson said he swallowed a fishing line.  “As I was eating the crayfish, I felt something tickling in the bottom of my throat,” he said. “I felt something on the side of my lip, so I reached for it and pulled it out and it was the fishing line….about a foot long.” 

Sanderson was caught by the restaurant as he dined with his girlfriend Jodi Gibson.  The couple then discussed the matter with management who, according to Sanderson, said it was his fault and that the fishing line came from him.  

The restaurant ended up not charging Sanderson for his meal but he was on the hook for Gibson’s. Sanderson said, “I didn’t think I should’ve paid for nothing.” 

The manager said their seafood is pre-cooked so there is no way to determine if there’s anything wrong with the food. “We do our best to prevent anything from happening to our food,” he said.”I know that something probably happened in this case, but this did not happen to two people and no other customers had this problem so we got his meal solved.”

That being said, a viewer of a local news station sent in a picture of plastic allegedly found in a chunk of chicken, also purchased at Ocean Garden Buffet. 

Sanderson called the board of health after being released from the restaurant. 

Crayfish are caught with wood or steel traps. Hmmm. 


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