Protesters Demand Hollande Step Down on 'Day of Anger'

Francois Hollande is the least popular President in modern French history. Sunday, 17,000 protesters marched in Paris to demand that he meet their list of demands or step down.

Protest organizer Helene Roche said the “Day of Anger” was a combination of more than 50 groups who have a long list of demands on everything from fiscal matters to gay marriage to unemployment.

The aptly named protest turned violent later in the day. Protesters reportedly threw bottles and fireworks and police cleared streets with tear gas. Nineteen police officers were injured and 250 protesters were detained. This video shows some the of the scuffles that took place between demonstrators and police. No one was seriously injured.

Even before violence broke out, some protesters were seen making a crude gesture popularized by a French comic known for his outspoken anti-semitism. The comic, known as Dieudonné, also coined a term which conflates the remembrance of the Holocaust with the French word for pineapple. Some protesters Sunday could be seen carrying pineapples in apparent mockery of the holocaust.


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