Wasserman Schultz Welcomes Ted Cruz To Florida With A Big "Extremist" Hug

Wasserman Schultz Welcomes Ted Cruz To Florida With A Big "Extremist" Hug

Florida Democrat Congresswoman and head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is once again showing America how much fun it is for Democrats to sound divisive, as she has once again pulled out her “extremist” card in describing conservative elected officials, specifically Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who was in Florida for a few events.

In an interview with the Sun-Sentinel, Wasserman Schultz took issue with the Republican Party of Sarasota naming Cruz their “Statesman of the Year.” “We’re talking about a guy who just in his brief time in Washington – he hasn’t even been there but a year and a half – and he orchestrated the government shutdown that cost our economy $24 billion.

He opposed common-sense immigration reform, and that’s obviously important to many voters in Florida, and across the country.

 He supported the House Republicans’ goal of refusing to even take a vote on the legislation. Last week he voted not to pay our nation’s bills and forced a filibuster, more gridlock more obstructionism in the Senate and potentially brought us to the brink of default. He even voted against the Violence Against Women Act.-Rep. Wasserman Schultz (D) Wasserman Schultz

Here is the Sun Sentinel Q & A with Wasserman Schultz:

Q: There are plenty of conservative Republicans in our area, but it seems as if he might be out of touch with Republicans in southeast Florida?

Wasserman Schultz: Apparently not out of touch with Marco Rubio, our senator, our tea party senator. If you remember he told Politico last year that he thinks Cruz is going to be a superstar.

Marco Rubio himself has a tough time figuring out exactly where he is. He’s been pretty much a weather vane when he runs into controversy in his own party, on immigration reform especially. The Republican Party continues clearly to be engaged in a civil war.

They can’t future out who they are, where they are, how they want to define themselves. There’s a ton of finger pointing. I think that they’ve lost a bunch of races as a result, and I think that going into the 2014 election, that’s going to cause them more problems, particularly as they highlight a guy like Ted Cruz and allow Ted Cruz to be their leader who already forced a government shutdown and was willing to default and refused to pay our nation’s bills again just last week. I mean this is the person that they are lifting up as the statesman of the year.

Q: Do you think he’s the kind of Republican that voters in southeast Florida could cotton up to, warm up to?

Wasserman Schultz: The most extreme tea-partiers certainly could. And that seems to be who is dominating and leading the Republican Party of today…. Florida is a purple state … and they’ve repeatedly rejected extremism.

The Republicans keep lifting up leaders like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who embrace that extremism, so I think as voters take a look at the choices they have leading into the 2014 election, it’s going to bode well for our Democratic candidates.