Tasteless Anti-Semitic Rantings From Liberal Florida Blogger Phil Ammann?

It seems as if the embattled and discredited blog Saintpetersblog, or SaintPravdablog, as it’s known, has some more credibility to contend with.

 SaintPravdablog was recently accused as being a pay-to-pay blog, as well as embarrassing itself by reporting that former Congressman Bill Young died, a full two days before he actually died.

 One of the blog’s writers, Phil Amman, who uses and apparently posts under the handle of “roshi7” on Reddit, could possible face a big time out, after some pretty imflammatory comments and tasteless jokes were posted on the “roshi7” handle.

 Amman’s classless remarks range from anti-Semitic jokes referring to Hitler and trains leading to World War II death camps to referring to a Native American tribe as the “Slapahoe” Indians.

 Yes, expect Amman and Peter Schorsch to probably say that Amman’s Reddit handle was hacked.


This is the comment history: 

If you look at the links submitted, they’re to SPB and Amman’s sites. Links submitted: 


Another instance of that handle being used linked to Ammann: 


Don’t know if it’s him, but thought you’d be able to do some digging. 

 They are under the comments section:



– And I get that they’re jokes but they’re all in such poor taste and so offensive.


Direct links to the comments below…



From a favorite short joke thread:  

Did you know Lincoln was Jewish? He was shot in the temple. 


From a thread about an ungrateful niece:


You’re thinking of the native American tribe ‘Slapahoe’ Indians


In an Atheism thread:


That assumed we were WITH God to begin with… That is the problem. We never HAD God in the first place….who gives a fuck what we would have called days of the week…



In a thread about something funny:


A little late on the meds in the group home, are they?


About a prized possession:


How did you get your virginity back?


About Disney Paris:


Can imagine a conversation between Disney and Hitler… “Dolf, you have to make them WANT to get on the train…”


In the same thread about Disney Paris:


On my last visit to Disney World, staying at one of the “resorts,” the bus back to the hotel was packed… I said to my wife (who is Jewish) “this is like the last train to Treblinka” needless to say, she was not amused…


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