"Whacko Bird" Ted Cruz and Sen. John McCain Make Nice

Remember when Senator John McCain referred to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as a “Whacko Bird” for pulling off his historic Senate debt ceiling filibuster?

 Well the two men seem to have reconciled, and are now poking fun at one another. Cruz told the Shark Tank that he recently had dinner with McCain, and that the two are on good terms.

We caught up with McCain in the Capitol, and asked him about the dinner he had with Cruz. First, McCain addressed the “Whacko Bird” comment, saying that he was reading from a Wall Street Journal editorial that mentioned the term “Whacko Bird.”

Cruz has embraced McCain’s feathery new name for him as a political badge of honor. McCain then joked that he “absolutely” paid for the dinner because Cruz was “cheap,” but that the two had an “excellent” relationship.

 He’s so cheap, he is cheap. In fact he squeaks -Sen. John McCain joking about Senator Ted Cruz