Is Gay The New Black?

Hypocrisy is made clear once again.

The alleged remarks by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling of him telling his girlfriend not to post photographs of herself with black people and not to bring blacks to Clippers games were made privately. If as alleged they are made by Sterling, his true character or lack of it privately or publicly should not be tolerated. 

Donald Sterling, a 100% Democrat donor honored by the NAACP in 2009, was to be honored again on May 15, 2014. That has now been rescinded according to NAACP interim chair Lorraine Miller. 

The NBA is a private organization and can do whatever they want but if they are not going to tolerate bigotry against gays then how can they tolerate bigotry against blacks? President Obama heralded Jason Collins the first openly gay and black NBA player now playing for the Brooklyn Nets. The administration and the NBA cooperated openly on gay rights, both stating that bigotry against gays would not be tolerated in the NBA on the court or in the stands.

When bigotry rears its ugly head it should be crushed unmercifully. The Democrats who took donations from Donald Sterling should return all monies immediately or live with their hypocrisy. 

Which option do you think it will be?