Politicized Womanhood

In response to Harry Reid Weighs In On Hobby Lobby Ruling:

I wonder why none of these objections occurred to Harry Reid when he was voting for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which passed the Senate with 97 votes, and was signed by William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.  

Have you got any quotes from Harry Reid where he angrily denounces Roe v. Wade, a decision forced upon millions of women by a group of men?  I should note that many of the women in question did not survive the decision, and quite a few of them were terminated explicitly because they were women, in sex-selection abortions.

Of course a lot of the bio-organisms standing up for Hobby Lobby have the physical appearance of human females, but under leftist ideology, they’re not really “women.”  Politicized womanhood is the master stroke of collectivism, the laboratory creation of a “minority” that isn’t actually a minority.  Ideological womanhood isn’t actually about flesh-and-blood females, of course; it’s a synthetic virtual-reality projection of political consciousness, a holographic ultra-victim more powerful than any other group the Left has ever claimed sole authority to speak for.  Women who have intellectual or moral objections to ObamaCare’s mandates are not part of the hologram.

Precisely because the stakes in this battle are low – nobody is actually being “denied access” to anything – it will be easy for the masters of our fused political and popular culture to make it a loyalty test that nudges women on board with the rest of their agenda.  It’s a small thing, so only yucky Bible-thumping “extremist” idiots could possibly have a problem with it.  

Also, it feats neatly into the overall narrative about how women are perpetual victims of heartless men – recall that Sandra Fluke’s star turn in front of that phony Congressional hearing portrayed college women as the victims of their irresponsible boyfriends, who wouldn’t kick in any money toward the supposedly crushing financial burden of safe sex.  Organized religion is, of course, the worst sort of oppressive patriarchy, so this whole ObamaCare mandate resistance is a veritable Battle of the Bulge in the War on Women.  Thank heavens we have sensitive souls like Harry Reid around to fight back!