3 Pinocchios for Obama

3 Pinocchios in the Washington Post article Obama’s claim that the GOP has ‘blocked every serious idea’ does not indicate a slip of the lip, it’s an outright lie by President Obama. No different than if you like your doctor or insurance plan you can keep them.

When Obama can’t or won’t lead or govern he blames. It’s his modus operandi. Get used to it till 2016.

Republicans have passed nearly 50 bills and they don’t get taken up in the Democrat controlled Senate. Obama is the leader of the Democrat party. Americans can draw their own conclusions. Republicans are not blameless but on this issue they stand firmly in the right.

The destruction of the middle class which drives Americans close to a dependent class serves Obama and the progressives’ goals. It also removes much of the opportunity for those trying to work their way I to the middle class. College graduates should pay close attention.