New York Times Writer Challenges Others to 'Ruthlessly … Stamp Out' Christian Beliefs

The New York Times Josh Barro is openly calling for what he defines as “anti-gay attitudes” to be “stamp[ed] out” and done so “ruthlessly.”

Red State’s Erick Ericson points out that this would also mean “stamping out” Muslim views.

How would Barro like to “stamp out” the Church or the Mosque?

Whether it’s the gay-left using the courts to force Christians to bake gay wedding cakes or the feminist left trying to use the power of the federal government to force Christians to buy them birth control, the Left’s fascist and Totalitarian streak has never been as exposed as it is right now.

Barro’s hostile intolerance and his call to “stamp out” the religious beliefs of others is shared by many on the Left who grow bolder by the day.

And never forget that these are the same people who want to take away your guns.