Perry Calls Shaheen an Embarrassment Over Border Security

Texas Gov. Rick Perry waded into the New Hampshire Senate race on a conference call with reporters“I would be embarrassed if I was from New Hampshire and I had a United States senator who was so with the president on this issue that it’s putting the citizens — not just in New Hampshire, but in the other 47 contiguous states — in jeopardy by not securing the border.” 

The move is likely as much about Perry’s 2016 ambitions, as it is about helping out Scott Brown over incumbent Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

“People who come illegally into this country, they don’t stop at the border states,” Perry said. “They end up all the way to states like New Hampshire.”

Perry’s charge come days after Brown’s campaign released a new television ad attacking Shaheen for supporting “pro-amnesty” policies that he says encourage immigrants to cross the border illegally.

The state Democratic Party calls the Republican attacks desperate.

With polls showing voters are increasingly concerned with border security and with a Democrat in the White House whose poll numbers are underwater, it’s hard to see any desperation here. It looks like smart politics, as Democrats are increasingly desperate to run away from Obama and his failed policies, including those on immigration and border security.