Will David Patterson Do In Mitch McConnell?

Harrodsburg, KY police officer and Libertarian candidate David Patterson is getting into the Kentucky Senate race.

Ken Moellman, state chairman of the Libertarian Party, said Tuesday that a signature drive for Patterson has collected more than 9,000 signatures. He said they are reviewing each signature and already have more than 6,000 that are valid.

Along with it already being claimed he and his backers have more than enough signatures to make it onto the ballot, a poll last week showed him pulling 7% support in a race that has Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes running neck and neck.

The Libertarian Policeman Who Could Upend Kentucky’s Senate Race

David Patterson is not on the ballot, but in one of the nation’s tightest and most closely-watched contests, he garnered 7 percent in a poll this week.

It’s generally believed that the dirtier a race, the better third party candidates tend to do. Given that the race is already nasty and promises to become even more so given the stakes, Mitch McConnell may just get pulled over by a Libertarian policeman on his way to any presumed roll as Senate Majority Leader.