Mary Landrieu Hit for Living the High Life on Taxpayer Dollars

Following up on several news reports, the organization Keep Louisiana Working (KLW) is hitting Mary Landrieu for using Senate funds for her campaign flights.

According to KLW Executive Director Emily Cornell, “As Sen. Landrieu admits to more and more private flights billed to the taxpayers, it begs the question is she prioritizing her campaign or her constituents? The taxpayers of Louisiana deserve to know they’re paying for Senator Landrieu’s Hollywood lifestyle.”

The Republican Party has been hitting the theme, as well. The latest ad claims Landrieu uses tax payer funds to “live like a celebrity.”

Landrieu’s campaign has hired the law firm Perkins Coie to review the senator’s flight expenses for payment discrepancies and to review office procedures. The investigation is scheduled to be completed sometime before the Senate reconvenes in September and will be made public.

The full ad appears below.