Desperate Democrats Resort to Scare Tactics

Faced with an increasingly unpopular president and finding themselves on the wrong side of the issues, most especially, immigration, Democrats are reaching back for what amounts to little more than a scare tactic that reeks of desperation that will likely have little to no impact in November.

With growing talk about another potential government shutdown, Democrats this week are launching a new website to remind Republicans about their promises to avoid a similar scenario before Washington lurched to a halt last year.

The website, titled “Shutdown Broken Promises,” will highlight statements made by Republicans last year vowing to avoid a government shutdown. The first promise, made by Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) in August, was followed by her vote against a deal to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling just a few months later.

Obama’s numbers are now so low, the people might prefer a shut down than some version of an executive amnesty. Republicans are purposely running on their opposition to Obama because the tide has turned and poll after poll has proved it. It’s almost silly to think Democrats believe it wise to now attack them for opposing an unpopular administration.

That the media ran with it and hyped the government shutdown for all it was worth is now little more than a year-old historical footnote and this latest tactic strongly suggests the Democrats are so bereft of ideas and attack points, they’re reaching back for an old high water mark that has absolutely no bearing on this year’s mid-term elections.


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