Braley Fund Raiser Defended Alleged Pedo Priest, Attacked Mormons and Jews


Following up on a Weekly Standard Report,  Breitbart News has discovered a seemingly abandoned Twitter feed that may yet prove to be another major embarrassment for Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley.

Trial lawyer Tom Bottaro is hosting the upcoming Braley event and this appears to be his Twitter feed. While a big fan of The Voice and Democrats, he doesn’t seem to share that affection for Mormons or Israel.

Supporters of Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley will raise money Wednesday night at the home of an attorney who once defended a Catholic bishop accused of molesting young boys. Trial lawyer Tim Bottaro will host the fundraiser at his home in Sioux City along with other supporters of Braley’s Senate campaign.

Here Bottaro retweets an account with an unfortunate X-rated name in support of a Voice contestant.

Here Braley supporter Bottaro displays a disdain for Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, or perhaps his fidelity to his wife.

He also doesn’t seem to think a discussion of the fate of Israel belongs in a presidential debate. Evidently he’s only interested in defending organized religions when it’s for pay, as in the case of the alleged child molesting priest.

Bottaro also sides with Obama’s anti-gun agenda,  his foreign policy and on DOMA, as well. 

Bottaro was also attacking former President Bush in a most juvenile manner as recently as 2013.

But Braley’s fellow trial lawyer does seem to be a fan of esurance for some reason.

As TWS pointed out, Braley’s fellow trial lawyer Bottaro ran commercials with his firm’s catchy phone number, 1-800-I-AM-Hurt. See below. The account appears to be the same Timothy Bottaro given that he follows Michelle Obama, David Axelrod and several other prominent Democrats, as well as a Tea Party account.

Timothy Bottaro followed Top Conservative Cat, David Axelrod, Michelle Obama and 13 others


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